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help save HK seas

Well, really, in terms of natural wonders of the sea, you know the beautiful sea creatures and plants we like to see when we go diving, I doubt HK really has much to be saved. But according to WWF, now fish stocks are reducing at an alarming rate and some species are even headed for extinction, all due to overfishing and bottom trawling. Thankfully however, it is not too late. There are still some pockets of areas which are relatively unpolluted so a good habitat still exists, but we must act now to prevent any further damage.

We hope you will sign the WWF Conservation Save Our Seas Petition Online which basically wants the government to stop fishing in HK Marine Parks, stop uncontrolled fishing and more. Read more interesting facts about HK seas (did you know we had manta rays here?) and other information on their website.

Thanks for reading!

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