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brunch club Central…dinners as well

While “brunch club & supper” in Causeway Bay is a popular destination for dinner, it is not so well-known that we also serve dinner in Central. This year, in conjunction with the recent opening of our in-house bakery, we launched a new dinner menu with dishes that incorporate our own specialty breads. These signature dishes were created specially for a cosy, casual dinner alone or for a quiet chat with friends over a beer or a glass of wine.

Tender lamb noisettes with homemade tapenade and roasted bellpeppers

Highlights include a Lamb Noisette with homemade tapenade and bellpeppers. Our regulars love this tender cut of Australian lamb, topped with an anchovy, olive and caper tapenade & grilled red bellpeppers. The Salmon Rillette on homemade rye toast and Baked stuffed avocado have also been very popular as a light dinner or appetizer. The yummy tartiflette is a French-like pizza and features our homemade herb foccaccia as its base, topped with a delicious carbonara-like sauce and Reblochon cheese. Vegetarians particularly will love our goat’s cheese crumble, which has a very strong cheese flavour coupled with star anise, and herb-garlic bread crumbs as the crumble.

Baked avocado stuffed with chicken, mushrooms & Swiss gruyère cheese

Salmon rillete with mixed herbs & mustard, served on homemade sourdough rye toast and salad

We also have a wonderful selection of homemade cakes & tarts which would make a great finish to your dinner. You must try our cream cheesecakes, and our baked cheesecakes have been a signature dessert since day one. Other bestsellers are the banoffee pie (homemade toffee) and lemon cream tart, made with fresh lemons and bananas of course!

Please click the box link on the left for the full dinner menu in Central.


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which magazines do you want?

Dear brunch clubbers,

Alot of you may not know but all our magazines are also for sale, so next time you want to grab a magazine, do consider picking them up here at brunch club.

We’ve actually got a really wide range, from gossip to art, interior design to sports, from surfing to psycology, business to religion…

I also subscribe to Sports Illustrated and so for all those guys who are into American Sports, all the latest copies are at brunch club!

Next time you are here and want to buy something interesting and different to read, do check out these titles:

Donna Hay: One of the most beautiful cooking magazines on the market. The ideas and food are so wonderfully presented you’ll just want to look at them even if you are not into cooking.

Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong: This is a brilliant book for all who live in Hong Kong. You need to get out there and explore the many wonderful trails on the island, from nature to museums, cultural, beach and even interesting cemetery hikes! This is the bible for hikes that are relatively moderate and have lots of fun factor. It has all you need from what you’ll see during the hike, historical background of the places you’ll visit, the length of the hike, estimate time, and how to get there and back. For the more serious hikers, we also stock the “Serious Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong”. Also by the same publisher is “Hong Kong: What’s in What’s Out”.

Psychologies: You’ll be surprised how many articles in here you’ll actually find interesting and be able to associate with. Very often we are so busy trying to improve our careers & romance we can leave our own feelings, emotions and psychological needs neglected. They have great articles on some of the emotions we feel but sometimes sweep aside like shyness, embarrassment, the blues, how to entertain, low self esteem, mood swings and the like. A good read!

Culture Hong Kong: Another gorgeous publication that is packed full with beautiful pictures of art, culture and natural landscape. They feature a great column on antiques by the proprietor of Oi Ling Antiques who is definitely an authority on the subject of old Chinese artifacts. They’ve also got a wonderful Good Grape Review which focuses on wine & cuisine and a travel page that shows you the other side of China, one that is still filled with raw, natural beauty & little touched by development.

Do let us know if there are any magazines you want to see at the brunch club and we’ll try our best to stock up for you!


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thank you for your comments….

Dear brunch clubbers,

We have been giving out comment cards recently and were very pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful comments from everyone! We are glad that so many of you wrote to us asking us to continue to stay open, and that you appreciate what we are trying to do: provide a relaxing, down-to-earth place with good food & friendly prices!

We also really appreciate all the suggestions you have made and take note of areas we can improve on: better service when we are busy (we are trying our best to hire good reliable part-time staff who can help us on the weekends), more variety to our menu, more free magazines for browsing, etc.

Please continue to keep the comments rolling in and we promise you we will listen and try our very best to address them!

Btw, hope to see you all this Wednesday evening at brunch club & supper 7.30pm for the Dialog & Hope-tee party!

smiles & sunny days,

brunch club

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a Bohemian chic party is ON

all invited to brunch club & supper for food, drinks & fashion!

I’m walking into the brunch club in a hope-tee, holding a really funky, Bohemian Dialog clutch, complete with tassels, and everyone turns to look. I’m not sure why, it could be that the hope-tee shirt made me look like I just stepped in from Cafe del Mar in Ibiza after having a salad and a martini….yes, its one of those tees that’s just made to be worn on top of a bikini, just drapes lovingly on your body, like a Greek Toga, you’ve got to see it & try it to know what I mean. (Btw, they do have Hope-tees for guys too) Or it could be the really unusual Boho clutch I was carrying, with pinks, reds, browns, flowers, stars, polka dots and stripes. It looked like I was carrying a bag made out of assorted candy & was definitely an eye-catcher with a lovely tassel at the bottom reminiscent of a Native American dream catcher. I love it, its fun, colourful and exotic! Yes, I must’ve been dreaming, transported to the party paradise isle of the Mediterranean on the wings of my dream catcher handbag.. In fact, for those of you who have been to the brunch club in SOHO recently, you’ll notice that we’ve got a really cool design on our wall, courtesy of Dialog, the people responsible for my fabulous new wardrobe at the moment. And what’s more, Dialog is having a party at “brunch club & supper” on Wednesday next week (9th April, 7.30pm) and of course, all brunch clubbers are most definitely invited! Have wines, cocktails and finger food, meet the creative geniuses of Dialog & Hope-tee shirts (Cassandra & Dong), get your hands on some of their latest designs, and lets have a blast!

See you there…

this is the mural at brunch club in SOHO by Dong & Cassandra

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Sealey Brandt is in Hong Kong

Sealey Brandt

I really don’t know how Ms. Brandt gets her subjects to open up to her so wholly but her black & white portraits seem to convey so much emotion and character that it seems almost like you are getting to know and feel a person rather than just looking at them.

To fully understand what I mean, visit her show at the SOHO gallery on 64 Peel Street to see her magic. She’ll be in Hong Kong till March 22, you may just catch her in person if you come between 2-7pm. Alternatively, visit her website for more information about her and her passion.

If you’d like to preserve a moment in your life, go to Ms. Brandt as she captures them beautifully. She is based out of Singapore and makes 3-4 trips a year to Hong Kong. Working with film rather than digital photography, each shot is all the more important and in the moment.

Her photographs make the perfect gift for your loved ones especially on occasions such as anniversaries, births and Christmas and definitely something to think about for Mother’s Day!

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