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brunch club Central…dinners as well

While “brunch club & supper” in Causeway Bay is a popular destination for dinner, it is not so well-known that we also serve dinner in Central. This year, in conjunction with the recent opening of our in-house bakery, we launched a new dinner menu with dishes that incorporate our own specialty breads. These signature dishes were created specially for a cosy, casual dinner alone or for a quiet chat with friends over a beer or a glass of wine.

Tender lamb noisettes with homemade tapenade and roasted bellpeppers

Highlights include a Lamb Noisette with homemade tapenade and bellpeppers. Our regulars love this tender cut of Australian lamb, topped with an anchovy, olive and caper tapenade & grilled red bellpeppers. The Salmon Rillette on homemade rye toast and Baked stuffed avocado have also been very popular as a light dinner or appetizer. The yummy tartiflette is a French-like pizza and features our homemade herb foccaccia as its base, topped with a delicious carbonara-like sauce and Reblochon cheese. Vegetarians particularly will love our goat’s cheese crumble, which has a very strong cheese flavour coupled with star anise, and herb-garlic bread crumbs as the crumble.

Baked avocado stuffed with chicken, mushrooms & Swiss gruyère cheese

Salmon rillete with mixed herbs & mustard, served on homemade sourdough rye toast and salad

We also have a wonderful selection of homemade cakes & tarts which would make a great finish to your dinner. You must try our cream cheesecakes, and our baked cheesecakes have been a signature dessert since day one. Other bestsellers are the banoffee pie (homemade toffee) and lemon cream tart, made with fresh lemons and bananas of course!

Please click the box link on the left for the full dinner menu in Central.


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