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brilliant Time Out review on brunch club & supper

I know, its a bit much to post good reviews on your own site, and keep on doing it, but we really can’t help ourselves. Trust me, we always read the bad reviews too, learn from them and try our utmost to improve, so I think we deserve a little pat on the back once in a while!

Thank you Time Out! You may read the full review here.

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another winner from HK mag

**** here’s what they said:

It’s hard to get a table at The Brunch Club. This hugely popular eatery is often chockfull of yuppie expats who think they’re in a Manhattan cafe in “Sex and the City.” The clean, simple and white-color décor and the little al-fresco area give off the impression that the little bistro only serves light fate – which is entirely wrong. The goat cheese crepes, while delicious, were pretty heavy. The same with the pasta dishes. But this is a great cozy place to hang out, relax, and read a magazine – just don’t go there during brunch hours; you’ll never get a seat.

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Awesome review by Angie Wong

Thanks Angie, you definitely have the inside scoop on things and we love you too!

check it

and check this

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Jaunted: Pop Culture Travel Guide Review

We got another thumbs up from this very cool Pop Culture travel guide for globetrotters, business road dogs, and arm chair travelers called Jaunted.

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my delicious blog review

Gosh, its always nice to know you are appreciated.

We always welcome feedback, good and bad, and will always try our best to ensure you experience what we feel when we welcome you to the “brunch club” : a happy, satisfied feeling that leaves you smiling…

thanks all, and keep them coming!

brunch club


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