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Sealey Brandt is in Hong Kong

Sealey Brandt

I really don’t know how Ms. Brandt gets her subjects to open up to her so wholly but her black & white portraits seem to convey so much emotion and character that it seems almost like you are getting to know and feel a person rather than just looking at them.

To fully understand what I mean, visit her show at the SOHO gallery on 64 Peel Street to see her magic. She’ll be in Hong Kong till March 22, you may just catch her in person if you come between 2-7pm. Alternatively, visit her website for more information about her and her passion.

If you’d like to preserve a moment in your life, go to Ms. Brandt as she captures them beautifully. She is based out of Singapore and makes 3-4 trips a year to Hong Kong. Working with film rather than digital photography, each shot is all the more important and in the moment.

Her photographs make the perfect gift for your loved ones especially on occasions such as anniversaries, births and Christmas and definitely something to think about for Mother’s Day!

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anat givon


We’d like to introduce you to photographer & digital artist Anat Givon, who until not long ago has worked as a press photographer for an international news agency. Having covered breaking-news stories from the Middle East, Indochina and other parts of the world, she has witnessed firsthand the sort of things that many of us only read about in the papers.
After many years of arduous work as a photojournalist, Anat has made Hong Kong her permanent base from where she has taken her photography & photo editing skills to a very different direction. She is now exploring another world of photography through her lens & digital art, composing beautiful and deeply thoughtful pictures.
To me, her shots certainly convey snippets of scenes she had witnessed in the past. In fact, isn’t it interesting how one’s experiences are able to come through in photography. For example, even in some of her photographs of nature and flowers, I sense an underlying turbulence. This to me makes them so unique and carries a very distinct style that is all her own.

Do visit her website for more information and to check out some of her work. You can purchase some of her work on archival art paper or in the form of giclee prints on canvas. She has also made some very unique pictures of Hong Kong and turned them into a postcard collection. These are on sale in brunch club in Central.

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