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Holiday specials…food, music & 1000 cookies

First, for the food: Chef Bruno Gautier and his team are very excited to share with you their Holiday creations for this season. Check out our Christmas menu, served on 24th and 25th, and NY eve menu for the 31st, below. You may also download our menus from the boxlink on the right-hand side of our blog.

Besides our usual Traditional Christmas turkey, we are happy to include in our dishes, some delights from the newest addition to our family, “Marie’s Patisserie & Boulangerie”. As an example, the Pan-fried duck liver with white wine jelly comes with Marie’s croissant, which is made using only French butter and handmade by us using a 17-hour artisanal process! Our desserts too will be made by Marie’s Bakery.

In our New Year’s menu we have also included a mouth-watering Oyster Medley, consisting of one Oyster Kilpatrick and Two fresh oysters, as part of the successful fresh oyster promotion we have been running in Brunch Club & Supper in Causeway Bay. When in stock, we have the larger Smokey Bay & Sidney Rock oysters of Australia, and the more petite Fin de Claire, French variety-my personal favourites!

So if you are looking for a delightful, delicious, yet warm Christmas & New Year’s Eve dinner, come down to Brunch Club for pure deliciousness straight from our hearts to your plates…from appetizer to finish!

If the service gets a little icky next week, its because all the extra floor elves (us managers) will be quite busy at Marie’s Bakery baking 1000 cookies for a christmas party for children with disabilities. Thank you to Foodlink, who gave us the opportunity to do this. There will be about 500 kids, and we want to give two cookies per kid, a chocolate snowflake one, and an almond Christmas tree one. Plus, they’ll be decorated with icing sugar and chocolate: double, triple yum!!!

We tested some almond cookies today, they are all in our stomachs now…mmm, so good! We will start on them from Tuesday next week, to be ready for the party on Saturday. Its going to quite a task (and lots of overtime) baking and decorating 1000 cookies all by hand, but hey, to us, that’s what a business is for, to create jobs and help our community.

Almond Xmas tree cookies

And while we are on the holiday theme, just wanted to share with all of you some great holiday music I’ve found from “Straight No Chaser“. If like us you are sick of hearing the same tunes being played every year, this group put in a lot of effort to give us a very refreshing take on traditional Christmas carols.

Just listen to some of the lyrics – they are hilarious. Our fav is definitely “The 12 Days of Christmas”. They are funny, clean cut & wholesome, so when you listen you’ll laugh and feel real Happy & Christmassy at the same time. You’ve got to listen to them to know what I mean.

So you’ll get to listen to them at Brunch Club, together with Christmas songs from Taylor Swift, Michael Buble, Tyler Hilton, Faith Hill and others. Of course, they are not the usual Christmas carols you will hear played 1000 times everywhere else, cos at Brunch Club you always get something a little more special…Happy Christmas and FABULOUS New Year everyone!


Brunch Club team

PS: if you want to spread some Christmas cheer, why not forward this email to friends and family

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