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read on if you are into books…

It’s another beautiful day in Hong Kong – its cool and its sunny, what more would you want. I am lost in an amazing book, enjoying the sun and having a latte at the brunch club yard. I notice there are a couple of other people reading here too. It is always interesting to see what others are reading. From the little “surveys” I’ve done, well besides our magazines and newspapers, novels are definitely the next category of “most read” here in brunch club!

So in the interest of our avid readers, we’d like to introduce you to the ongoing Man Hong Kong Literary Festival, and also to invite you to some interesting events that Bookazine is hosting in conjunction.

The aim of the festival is to encourage an appreciation of the written word and to foster a love of literature, and it does exactly that! By inviting acclaimed and favourite authors to Hong Kong, our readers get a chance to meet with the sources of many wonderful stories that so inspire and move us. It is also a great opportunity for one to get to know the good array of quality literature out there, so you’ll never be at a loss for ideas when choosing another book to read. If you find this interesting do check out their website www.festival.org.hk for more information.

Bookazine, an amazing family-run company in Hong Kong, we love them because the owners are passionate about books and are always organizing interesting meet-the-author events for its readers. Imagine reading an inspiring book, a beautiful story, and then getting to meet the author in person in Hong Kong! We’ve listed here some of the events they are hosting that may be of interest to you. Better still, print out this blog and get 10% off the ticket price for the “Irish Coffee with Anne Enright” event!

We really want to bring you more on books, so stay tuned to this space!



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