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brunch club’s fantastical book club!

in Causeway Bay where we have oodles of space, we have two antique cupboards filled with donated books….”brunch club’s fantastical book club!”

It is fantastical because:

  • All the books are donated by our customers
  • Free reading and browsing in brunch club
  • Feel free to take any home, provided you donate some in exchange
  • No joining fees, membership fees or hassle
  • You’d be surprised, for donated books, we do have quite a few interesting titles…Looks like lots of you out there are quite into sci-fi, novels, self-help, etc.
  • People have donated games too! (no taking games home though)
  • Wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon…

A very big googly-eye THANK YOU to all who so generously donated. So for those of you who are not yet on board, come join our book club – give some and take some – and be part of the brunchclubber community exchange!

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fingers crossed, we’ll see you on the 8th?

Dear all,

Delays mean we will not be opening on the 6th as planned, but sooner than later we hope. We’ll be sending an email out to you soon with the definite date, till then sit tight and we’ll see you soon!

all at brunch club & supper

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