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2008 Hong Kong Artwalk

“2008 Hong Kong Artwalk” You must come for this event. If you are not, you are probably in one of two categories:

1. you are not in Hong Kong on March 12

2. art is not your thing

For those of you #2ers out there, please hear us out: without art, there is no culture, no thread to weave the colours in the fabric of society. We believe it should never be missing from your life. Appreciating & enjoying the art that appeals to you can be a very liberating form of self-expression. In fact, you may even find out things about yourself that you otherwise may not have known!

So, we hope you’ll support art walk this year. Just buy a ticket, which proceeds go to charity and you’ll get to visit 55 galleries from 5pm-12midnight on March 12. You’ll also get free food & wine! We are very proud to be sponsoring food for three participating contemporary art galleries this year and we’d like to tell you more about them, in alphabetical order:


EDGE Gallery: What a cool space hidden behind clusters of buildings behind Leighton Road. Chances are you won’t find it if you venture out without a map, but then finding a gem is not always easy! The gallery is just across the street from brunch club & supper in Causeway Bay so to all you Causeway Bay brunch clubbers, no reason not to pop by.


5 o.p.t. studio gallery: The lovely & eloquent Lyn Raymer governs this marvelous little studio gallery space. Walk in in the middle of a drawing class and you can appreciate the technical expertise & creative energy that it takes to be successful in the art market. 5 o.p.t. focuses on artists from Australia and the Pacific region and is situation on what we think is one of the best spots in Midlevels, Prince’s Terrace.


King’s Gallery: Situated on the 16th Floor of a building opposite Pacific Place 3, what makes this gallery unique is its extensive representation of Russian artists, a rarity in Hong Kong. It is a must for anyone seriously looking into investing in Russian oil paintings.

Here’s a sneak peak of the kinds of food that you’ll be savouring at these galleries that evening…


And there’s a bonus too, your ticket entitles you to 20% off on the ala carte menu of brunch club & other participating restaurants from artwalk night up till March 26.

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