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Creative City

Finally here’s a living proof guide that Hong Kong IS a creative city. All you have to do is know where to look, and the Creative City map takes care of that!

The map celebrates the city’s creative community as well as Hong Kong itself. It was started from the perspective that Hong Kong already has what it takes to be a significant cultural capital, that it is more than its reputation as an international commercial centre.

We definitely agree and are very proud to be stocking the Creative City map at our outlets. They retail at $28 each. Come get yours now!

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Orientations magazine

Dear brunchclubbers,

For those in the art industry, you will be pleased to know that we currently have in stock the very informative Orientations Magazine. If you haven’t picked one up yet, it is high time you added it to your monthly list of must-read publications!

They are available in both brunch clubs.


brunch club

Published in Hong Kong and distributed worldwideOrientations has been delighting collectors and connoisseurs of Asian art for forty years. Every issue is an authoritative source of information on the many and varied aspects of the arts of East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia and provides invaluable insights into the international Asian art market, analyzing activities at major auctions in London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing and other centres to reveal the latest price and collecting trends.

Orientations is unique in its presentation and is itself a collector’s item, with the quality of its content matched by the excellence of its design and production. `Perfect bound’ with a strong laminated cover, it is renowned for its superb full-colour reproductions. Orientations is a magazine that you will enjoy at your leisure, and that you will keep to read and refer to, again and again.

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busy March!

10th March, we catered for a wonderful charity event called “Pay It Forward”, organized by a couple Tim & Lisa, which raises funds for the Po Leung Kuk Charity in Hong Kong. We were very happy and proud to be given the opportunity to do our part to give back to the community by providing food for this party. Over 200 people showed up and Tim & Lisa managed to raise $140,000!



On Mar 11th, the very next day, we catered for the Artwalk 2009 event, if you haven’t been for an artwalk, you are definitely missing out on one of the most fun and interesting events in HK: A night of wine, food, art and charity! This year we catered for Edge Gallery in Causeway Bay, definitely a very ‘edgy’ gallery, hidden in a quiet little spot a stone’s throw from brunch club & supper, and the wonderful Cais Gallery, one of the newer galleries on Hollywood Road and just a very short walk down from brunch club on Peel Street. Definitely one of the events we look forward to sponsoring every year…

Artwalk 2009
Artwalk 2009


On 26th March we catered for the launching of Suixtil, a line of gentlemen’s apparel inspired by Escuderia Suixtil of the auto racing world of the 1940s and 50s. The launch turned out to be a very personal and distinctive affair, attended by distinguished guests, very apt and characteristic of the history and lineage of the Suixtil brand.


Suixtil Launch

Suixtil Launch

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Sealey Brandt Cocktail party

Dear all,

Sealey Brandt, the talented and warm photographer from Singapore will be coming up to Hong Kong again mid-May.

She’s organized a cocktail party at brunch club & supper on May 14th, 7.30pm for all her clients & friends. She has also extended this invitation to all brunch clubbers, because after all, don’t we all love cocktail parties?

Really hope you can make it, do feel free to bring your friends. We are all looking forward to meeting everyone and having another lovely evening of good food, wine and good conversation!

Li Lian
Venue: brunch club & supper: G/F 4 Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay

Date: May 14th (Wed next week)

Time: 7.30pm

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Sealey Brandt is in Hong Kong

Sealey Brandt

I really don’t know how Ms. Brandt gets her subjects to open up to her so wholly but her black & white portraits seem to convey so much emotion and character that it seems almost like you are getting to know and feel a person rather than just looking at them.

To fully understand what I mean, visit her show at the SOHO gallery on 64 Peel Street to see her magic. She’ll be in Hong Kong till March 22, you may just catch her in person if you come between 2-7pm. Alternatively, visit her website for more information about her and her passion.

If you’d like to preserve a moment in your life, go to Ms. Brandt as she captures them beautifully. She is based out of Singapore and makes 3-4 trips a year to Hong Kong. Working with film rather than digital photography, each shot is all the more important and in the moment.

Her photographs make the perfect gift for your loved ones especially on occasions such as anniversaries, births and Christmas and definitely something to think about for Mother’s Day!

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anat givon


We’d like to introduce you to photographer & digital artist Anat Givon, who until not long ago has worked as a press photographer for an international news agency. Having covered breaking-news stories from the Middle East, Indochina and other parts of the world, she has witnessed firsthand the sort of things that many of us only read about in the papers.
After many years of arduous work as a photojournalist, Anat has made Hong Kong her permanent base from where she has taken her photography & photo editing skills to a very different direction. She is now exploring another world of photography through her lens & digital art, composing beautiful and deeply thoughtful pictures.
To me, her shots certainly convey snippets of scenes she had witnessed in the past. In fact, isn’t it interesting how one’s experiences are able to come through in photography. For example, even in some of her photographs of nature and flowers, I sense an underlying turbulence. This to me makes them so unique and carries a very distinct style that is all her own.

Do visit her website for more information and to check out some of her work. You can purchase some of her work on archival art paper or in the form of giclee prints on canvas. She has also made some very unique pictures of Hong Kong and turned them into a postcard collection. These are on sale in brunch club in Central.

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2008 Hong Kong Artwalk

“2008 Hong Kong Artwalk” You must come for this event. If you are not, you are probably in one of two categories:

1. you are not in Hong Kong on March 12

2. art is not your thing

For those of you #2ers out there, please hear us out: without art, there is no culture, no thread to weave the colours in the fabric of society. We believe it should never be missing from your life. Appreciating & enjoying the art that appeals to you can be a very liberating form of self-expression. In fact, you may even find out things about yourself that you otherwise may not have known!

So, we hope you’ll support art walk this year. Just buy a ticket, which proceeds go to charity and you’ll get to visit 55 galleries from 5pm-12midnight on March 12. You’ll also get free food & wine! We are very proud to be sponsoring food for three participating contemporary art galleries this year and we’d like to tell you more about them, in alphabetical order:


EDGE Gallery: What a cool space hidden behind clusters of buildings behind Leighton Road. Chances are you won’t find it if you venture out without a map, but then finding a gem is not always easy! The gallery is just across the street from brunch club & supper in Causeway Bay so to all you Causeway Bay brunch clubbers, no reason not to pop by.


5 o.p.t. studio gallery: The lovely & eloquent Lyn Raymer governs this marvelous little studio gallery space. Walk in in the middle of a drawing class and you can appreciate the technical expertise & creative energy that it takes to be successful in the art market. 5 o.p.t. focuses on artists from Australia and the Pacific region and is situation on what we think is one of the best spots in Midlevels, Prince’s Terrace.


King’s Gallery: Situated on the 16th Floor of a building opposite Pacific Place 3, what makes this gallery unique is its extensive representation of Russian artists, a rarity in Hong Kong. It is a must for anyone seriously looking into investing in Russian oil paintings.

Here’s a sneak peak of the kinds of food that you’ll be savouring at these galleries that evening…


And there’s a bonus too, your ticket entitles you to 20% off on the ala carte menu of brunch club & other participating restaurants from artwalk night up till March 26.

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