about brunch club

brunch club: (noun) def. a cozy neighbourhood cafe & newsstand where one can relax, have a glass of wine, quality food & fair trade coffee

brunch: a blend of breakfast & lunch
club: a group of people having something in common

“To be fashionable nowadays we must ‘brunch’.” [“Punch,” Aug. 1, 1896]

brunch clubber: (noun) def. a person who frequents brunch clubs, supports fair trade, generally relaxed, chilled-out and happy

Central: Tel – 25268861  Add – G/f 70 Peel Street

Causeway Bay: Tel-28902125    Add – 1/f 13 Leighton Road


about this blog

Welcome to the world of brunch club, besides our cafe & newsstand, YOU, our brunch clubbers, our community, are a part of us and constantly shape us.

This blog is about our world with YOU in it, and so there will be drama…laughter….typhoon days……hot humid days…..good food…..friendly staff…..stuff about YOU….some stuff about us….and hopefully, a better ending than Lost!

The world of brunch club is also your world, and we’d love to hear from you, do please let us know if you are involved in something interesting that you’d like to share with your community…the world of brunch club!!

We hope you’ll enjoy & participate in our blog.

4 responses to “about brunch club

  1. faye

    Would like an update of your events. Considering having the women’s club do thire lunch bunch here.


  2. veronika lee

    Hi there,
    I am originally from HK and I just moved to singapore late last year. Recently I had my family photos done by this incredibly talented international photographer in Singapore. I was blown away when i saw my private gallery for the first time that I have to share this with you. She travels all over the world for sessions incl HK. She is always fully booked but so worth it to be on the waiting list. Her website is http://www.photographybyazlida.com

  3. Young Post took me to Brunch Club & Supper and I had a Carmel Latte. I was so impresed!
    I even wrote a blog about it http://rubyleung.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/brunch-club-suppers-carmel-latte/

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