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Hey brunch clubbers,

Just a short note to announce that we now stock an exclusive Belgian quarterly magazine dedicated to the professionals active in design, fashion and retail in an ever changing landscape of new ideas and materials. TL magazine reaches the design community as well as the lifestyle industry, the architects, the retailers and all kind of readers who wants to be inspired by a new vision of home, textile, living and retail contexts. Managed as a permanent work in progress and as a creative and networking process, that combines innovation, creativity, and a fresh sensitivity for trends and consumers behaviour, TL Magazine tends to be part of the world of design innovators and influencers by spotlighting new pioneers and photographs and a real specialized team of international contributors and reporters.

TL6 is out Now !
Announcing the new issue of TL design magazine – with its exclusive Marcel Wanders-designed cover and full of Milan sneak-peeks.
Go Slow
From slow couture to slow living, Slow is making a come-back.
Special Guests
Marcel Wanders, Charles Kaisin
Designers at work
How does one become a designer ? Marina Yee, Anne Masson, Cathy Pill, Tim Van Steenbergen and others tell us their story.
Material lab
Sustainable plastics

So come in and get your latest copy, TL7 will be delivered end August!

Over and out, brunch club

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