Farmhouse BBQ in brunch club Central

Dear friends,

We now have a really AWESOME all you can eat Farmhouse BBQ every Thursday, 6-9pm, includes lemonade, wine & beers. Details below.

PLUS: all existing reward card holders get 20% off

Places are limited so please reserve early!

brunch club

check out our BBQ photos

The Most Awesome BBQ

The Most Awesome BBQ


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4 responses to “Farmhouse BBQ in brunch club Central

  1. wong

    hi hi, so for card holder, it’ll be 20% off plus one stamp on the reward card? or just either one?

  2. Hi there, you either get the 20% off, or get 5 stamps.
    Thanks and hope to see you at the BBQ soon!

  3. Doodya

    so how do you become a brunch clubber?

    • Hi, just ask any of our staff in the restaurant for a reward card, and give us your email address in exchange so we can keep you updated with our rewards and news. Don’t worry we don’t spam! =)
      Have a great day!

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