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our second baby is moving…!

Dearest all brunch clubbers,

Some of you already know, and to those who don’t, here’s the news: brunch club & supper (the Causeway Bay one, our second baby) is MOVING!!!

We are so happy to announce this news to you and really really excited and nervous about the new place! The new address is 1st Floor 13 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay. So it’s not far from our current place. Its just right opposite the Craigengower Cricket Club, behind Times Square. 

We’ve been nervous because its always nerve wrecking when you open a new place. 

On the other hand we are really excited because we just fell in love with this place when we saw it. We’ve got our very own entrance on the ground floor, lots of light and oodles of space, part of which we plan to turn into our very own bakery! The original tile flooring is gorgeous if we can clean it up, it’s got large glass windows and a great view of the cricket club. 

Actually we couldn’t wait to share this with everyone as soon as we signed the preliminary agreement for the lease, but we thought we’d wait till everything was REALLY sure. Also, because most of you have been with us from the very beginning, we thought we’d set up a blog for those who are interested to follow the story of this new chapter in the life of “brunch club & supper”. We would be posting pictures, ideas, etc. to share with all of you.

Then on second thought, perhaps we’d prefer to surprise you instead. We’ll still be keeping the special look and feel of brunch club & supper, but it will be a little more interesting! Can’t wait for it to be ready…

The plan is to open mid-May. We will have to close the old place for a few days first while we move everything to the new spot. We will keep you updated.  

Like brunch club Central, we’ll be doing the painting, cleaning, and lots of other things ourselves. Rest assured that true to the brunch club spirit, all that we do will be done with love, passion and with the intention of always providing you with great food, good value and always with open hearts!


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busy March!

10th March, we catered for a wonderful charity event called “Pay It Forward”, organized by a couple Tim & Lisa, which raises funds for the Po Leung Kuk Charity in Hong Kong. We were very happy and proud to be given the opportunity to do our part to give back to the community by providing food for this party. Over 200 people showed up and Tim & Lisa managed to raise $140,000!



On Mar 11th, the very next day, we catered for the Artwalk 2009 event, if you haven’t been for an artwalk, you are definitely missing out on one of the most fun and interesting events in HK: A night of wine, food, art and charity! This year we catered for Edge Gallery in Causeway Bay, definitely a very ‘edgy’ gallery, hidden in a quiet little spot a stone’s throw from brunch club & supper, and the wonderful Cais Gallery, one of the newer galleries on Hollywood Road and just a very short walk down from brunch club on Peel Street. Definitely one of the events we look forward to sponsoring every year…

Artwalk 2009
Artwalk 2009


On 26th March we catered for the launching of Suixtil, a line of gentlemen’s apparel inspired by Escuderia Suixtil of the auto racing world of the 1940s and 50s. The launch turned out to be a very personal and distinctive affair, attended by distinguished guests, very apt and characteristic of the history and lineage of the Suixtil brand.


Suixtil Launch

Suixtil Launch

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