Dear brunch clubbers,

Please get your reward card from us to make sure you get rewarded for every dollar you spend at brunch club!

Do let us know if there are any other rewards you would like to see with your reward card, all comments welcome.

sincerely yours,

your friends @ brunch club


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6 responses to “REWARD YOURSELF!

  1. Peppi

    I didn’t know there is a reward card when I dined there yesterday, I only have the credit card receipt, can I get back the chops next time I visit?

  2. Peppi

    Super and thanks! You are quick!

  3. haha, thanks, we try our best!

  4. wong

    hi hi, me too. i had lunch at the CWB one two weeks ago. can i present them the receipt and claim by card and stamp?


    • Hi sorry for this late reply, yes of course you may!
      Just come into any of our outlets with your original receipt to claim a stamp. Let us know if you have any problems.

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