today all our mailboxes got jammed!!

I’m sure most of you know what happened…an unsolicited email came to everyone on my mailing list, which triggered a herd instinct of people hitting “reply all”.

Of course, people started getting annoyed, and they in turn hit “reply all”, further irritating more people, and asked to be removed from our list. No one wants to be on a list that swaps names with other marketers. I know I wouldn’t.

I’d just like to give my deepest apologies to all those who had their mailbox jammed this morning by all these unnecessary emails. I’d also like to say that swapping email lists is something I would never consider doing. I think its unethical, and also most importantly because I know most of you on my list: I’ve served most of you in brunch club, taken your orders, helped you through our menus, helped you plan your party here, worked with you to promote your wonderful products & efforts, though alot of you may not know me by my name.

So the first thing I did when I saw this was damage control, I deleted the list to prevent other people from using it. For all of you who still want to stay updated with our activities, or activities of other brunch clubbers, feel free to let me know your email address, and rest assured this won’t happen again!

The moral of today’s story: USE THE BCC BUTTON

Also, sadly, the only emails that were given out to everyone were those of the people who hit “reply all”. No one else could see any other emails on the list, because it was all under one email address only: Sadly, this list is no more, and I have lost email addresses of alot of friends.

I’d really like to thank my wonderful friends and brunch club customers (including my mum who called me from Canberra!) who although I’m sure they all got annoyed, still found the time to write an email or call to show their support! They really make what I’m doing worth it! Here are some excerpts:

Dear Li Lian,

I would like to say, contrary to what everyone has been requesting, PLEASE KEEP ME ON THE LIST so I am informed about what is going on at the brunch club. Last night’s event was great and it’s good to know that the brunch club supports charity.

I think some people are over the top when they request for their names to be removed from the list. I hope you will not be too upset by that!



Please stop sending emails like this.. if you not happy and want to let Lillian know about it please email her directly without CC everyone

Lilian is a trustworthy and honest person and i am sure she would never do anything mailing swapping like this..

Thank you


You are a sweet lady, I like your style on handling this.
On the mean time you have to learn how to use the “BCC” fonction of your email software… so people don’t see the addresses of others. With “CC” everybody can see everybody and you may have some people pissed off again.


Dear Fellow Brunch clubbers:

The request to swap was simply a request to Lilian to swap email databases. She never agreed to do it so please don’t be so hard on her. By the way, every time you reply to the brunch clubbers email address you are giving that company your email address. Perhaps you should just write to Li Lian going forward.



Hi Li Lian
dont worry-please keep me on your mailing list.


Thanks lilian, you can keep me on your database, i know that you never bombared me with spam. 🙂


Dear lilian,

Please keep me in your mailing list!!!!.. sad to see how everyone goes crazy.. I trust you know what to do and am sure you would never betray or sell out your guests you worked so hard to get.

For all of you who asked to be removed… you all gave out your email address since you all CC so do not blame Lilian for that….

I am sure you all have been well taken care of at Brunch Club and it would be a shame to see the Brunch Club suffer due to…

Lilian keep up the good work


No worries, don’t be sorry. Don’t get upset with the emails, people are just being silly. Can’t believe that they hit reply to everyone…

keep me on your list ^_^


love your Emails, Lilian,
Please keep me informed on your activities.


Hey Lilian,

I am trying to recall back & now that I remember you from our last Brave 4 – The New Grand Tour exhibition, I just want to send you my apologise for mistaken your email as a spam mail.

I take back my request to remove from your database.

Due to my busy schedule, I am not able to attend your event but I am sure it will be a great one !!!!

BTW, do pencil down a special date – May 28. We are now planning a big event that we would love you to attend. Will send you the invitation then.



Dear Li Lian

Please don’t be embarrassed, one is only responsible for one’s actions, not for that of any and every plonker one comes across.

Best regards

PS : 26 emails in one day, I thought I was getting popular !


Dear Li Lian,
Thanks for doing so. I actually don’t hate the emails from brunch club, I really like the place, but it’s just not very appropriate to receive with work email…
And the german guy who threatens you guys for emails – he’s just being too serious and silly about it.
Thumbs up for brunch club! You guys have great food!


Thanks for your support Lilian!

Really enjoyed your event last night, was a very good crowd! Didn’t get a chance to buy some handbags, would love to coz they all look very special!

Keep me informed for upcoming events like this!

Have a nice day.


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