a Bohemian chic party is ON

all invited to brunch club & supper for food, drinks & fashion!

I’m walking into the brunch club in a hope-tee, holding a really funky, Bohemian Dialog clutch, complete with tassels, and everyone turns to look. I’m not sure why, it could be that the hope-tee shirt made me look like I just stepped in from Cafe del Mar in Ibiza after having a salad and a martini….yes, its one of those tees that’s just made to be worn on top of a bikini, just drapes lovingly on your body, like a Greek Toga, you’ve got to see it & try it to know what I mean. (Btw, they do have Hope-tees for guys too) Or it could be the really unusual Boho clutch I was carrying, with pinks, reds, browns, flowers, stars, polka dots and stripes. It looked like I was carrying a bag made out of assorted candy & was definitely an eye-catcher with a lovely tassel at the bottom reminiscent of a Native American dream catcher. I love it, its fun, colourful and exotic! Yes, I must’ve been dreaming, transported to the party paradise isle of the Mediterranean on the wings of my dream catcher handbag.. In fact, for those of you who have been to the brunch club in SOHO recently, you’ll notice that we’ve got a really cool design on our wall, courtesy of Dialog, the people responsible for my fabulous new wardrobe at the moment. And what’s more, Dialog is having a party at “brunch club & supper” on Wednesday next week (9th April, 7.30pm) and of course, all brunch clubbers are most definitely invited! Have wines, cocktails and finger food, meet the creative geniuses of Dialog & Hope-tee shirts (Cassandra & Dong), get your hands on some of their latest designs, and lets have a blast!

See you there…

this is the mural at brunch club in SOHO by Dong & Cassandra

Do you want to know what the second best thing about my new wardrobe is? Besides being fashionable, buying from Dialog and Hope-tee means that at the same time I am also recycling, benefiting orphanages in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and supporting micro-businesses which give women the means to support themselves in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam and Hong Kong. This is because Dong & Cassandra (both graduates of the world-famed St. Martins in London) seeks out destitute and impoverished communities around Asia and creates a product that somehow benefits them economically. For example, the proceeds from a particular type of Hope-tee goes to a particular orphanage, while they may also be made by women trained by Dialog so that they are able to be self-sufficient. On top of all this, they ingeniously incorporate recycled materials into their products. Read here for how it all started. This is fashion that really gives me an all round good feeling, and I really hope to share it with all of you out there and that you’ll help me share it with the world! There are Hope-tee shirts for men too. Here are Dong & Cassandra at work

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